Pro Prep ensures that all social distancing requirements are met as they continue to evolve. Please check back frequently for all modifications made to these rules. Pro Prep will follow all rules set by Manitoba Health, Football Manitoba and Football Canada. 

Players cannot attend any such league event IF you have any symptom of COVID-19 OR IF you have been in contact with anyone that is confirmed to have COVID-19. You are also not permitted to play if you have travelled outside the province of Manitoba in the last 14 days (unless you are part of an essential service).

- Indefinite suspension will be placed on any athlete who does not obey the rules

- Indefinite forfeiture will be placed on any team who does not obey the rules

- If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptom, DO NOT attend games

- ALL athletes MUST complete the Self-Screening Tool before each game

- Players with pre-existing medical conditions are asked to indicate such conditions on their registration form

All players must fill out and complete the Pro Prep League Waiver Form. NO PLAYER can participate in any league sanctioned event without a completed and submitted waiver form. Any team with players that have yet to submit such documentation will be deemed illegal participants and the team will automatically default a game. 



- Waiver forms must be sent to proprepflagfootball@gmail.com prior to the roster deadline (September 27)

- League will fill out rosters for teams. Players will appear on a roster once their individual and team registration form has been sent to the league

- Team must have their roster submitted with their waiver forms by (September 27)

Hand Sanitizer

- Teams will bring hand sanitizer to each game

- Each player will use prior to the start of the game, at half-time, and immediately after the game

- All players are mandated to wear gloves except for the QB on each respective team

Warm Ups

- Teams will have 5 minutes of turf time to warm up prior to the start of their game

- Players may show up at any time to warm up as long as they stay away from field of play and benches

- No team or player is permitted to enter the field of play until all members from the previous games have left the field

- Teams will have 2 x 25 minute halves of run time

- Teams will have 5 minutes to leave the field at the conclusion of their game



- Rosters will be collected from officials after each game to ensure eligibility and contact tracing

- All players must be spoken for prior to the start of the game (max 15)

- All players are required to register online and provide completed waiver form before participating in first game

- If a player is not participating in a game (injury), they will not be permitted on the sidelines

Social Distancing

- Team Areas will be marked on sideline and positioned 5 yards back from sideline to allow for social distancing from officials

- Players cannot come within 2m of one another on the sidelines

- Players must enter and exit through the team areas ONLY when entering the field of play

- Officials area will be marked on sideline between the two team areas, and no player should encroach at any time


- Warning will be given for first team offense

- Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty (10 yards) will be given for second team offense

- Game will be called and team will forfeit game upon third offense

- Spitting on field will result in immediate ejection of player and Unsportsmanlike Penalty (10 yards) will be given to his/her team


- Fans are permitted, but must adhere to social distancing measures if they are not from the same household


- Players must bring their own water bottle with them to each game

- Players name must be indicated on the water bottle


- Play clock will be 30 seconds to allow for players 'social distanced' circle

- Offense CAN use a 'Hurry Up Offense' and snap the ball upon hearing the referees whistle

- Each team will be provided 2 timeouts per half, these will not carry over

Illegal Formation (Offense)

- Bunch formations are permitted, as long as social distancing measures are adhered to

- There must be 2 end men on the LOS

Illegal Formation (Defense)

- Defense is NOT permitted to play press man coverage, and must have 5 yards of separation at the line of scrimmage at the snap of the ball

- Defense can send pressure by any player who does not line up within the 5 yard tackle box halo pre snap

- If the Defense does not send pressure, the QB clock will run for 5 seconds - if the QB does not get rid of the ball he will be sacked


- Masks are recommended, however, at this time are NOT mandatory

Pro Prep and its members must comply with all Manitoba Health Guidelines


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